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Next Parish Council Meeting 19 June 2019 - 7.15 pm Planning,  to be immediately followed by the monthly meeting at approx 7.45 pm, at Netley Marsh Community Hall 

All residents welcome.

Agenda's appear on the Minutes and Agendas page

There is a public participation session for 10 minutes during each meeting

The Parish Council normally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month - except August when a meeting is only held if necessary, and December when it is the 2nd Wednesday

Normally, the Planning meeting starts at 7.15 pm - and the Parish Council meeting follows the Planning meeting - usually at approx 7.45 pm -

Future Meetings: All meetings at Woodlands Community Hall, Woodlands Road SO40 7GE

Meeting dates




         17 July                                       


         21 August only if necessary 


         18 September


         16 October

   15 June Tea Party 

         20 November

   19 June

         11 December NB: 2nd Wednesday