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Next Parish Council Meeting 13 December 2017 - 7.15 pm Planning, 7.30 AGM and 7.45 pm  monthly meeting at Netley Marsh Community Hall,  SO40 7GE

NB: 2nd Wednesday

All residents welcome.

Agenda's appear on the Minutes and Agendas page

There is a public participation session for 10 minutes during each meeting

The Parish Council normally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month - except August when a meeting is only held if necessary, and December when it is the 2nd Wednesday

Normally, the Planning meeting starts at 7.15 pm - and the Parish Council meeting follows the Planning meeting - usually at approx 7.45 pm -

Future Meetings:

Meeting dates




 17 January  Bartley Village Hall              

  13 December Woodlands ​NB 2nd Wednesday 

 21 February Woodlands  


 March 21 Woodlands


  April 18 Woodlands


Annual Parish Meeting Friday, 20 April