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Annual Parish Meeting Agenda



Annual Parish Assembly to be held at Netley Marsh Community Hall Friday 22 April 2016 at 7.30 pm


1       Welcome - apologies Cllr Mans

2      Minutes of previous Annual Parish Assembly 24 April 2015

3      Business of the Parish Council 2015/16 - Cllr Mike Welbourn

4.     Police Report - will be dealt with by the speaker

5.     School report -  Mrs Tina Daniels - Head - Oak C E Learning Federation

6.     Netley Marsh Community Hall   - Cllr Jacquie Shaw

7.     Neighbourhood Watch - Lavinia Newman

8.     District Councillors report - Cllr Les Puttock

9.     County Councillor Report -Cllr Keith Mans  Apologies given

10.   NFNPA Report - Cllr Sally Arnold

11.   New Forest Consultative Panel Report - as there is currently no representative there is  no report - a volunteer from the Community would

        be very welcome

12.   Village Agent 

13.   Public Questions and comments:


14.   Chief Inspector Simon Tribe - Hampshire Constabulary